What might built environments look like in the post pandemic era?

BAM has put together several ideas on what this might be using our depth of knowledge and experience in our project sectors. We have organized ideas by physical foot print size within each sector.

Thank you to our colleagues and consultants for their collaboration in developing many of the ideas you see here. Any thoughts or comments?


How may we keep both medical staff and patients safe during a pandemic? Using previous healthcare design experience, we’ve explored how current best practices may be enhanced to keep medical staff healthy while treating patients and containing the illness.

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A majority of workplaces are built without social distancing in mind. To foster a sense of comfort for employees, we’ve looked at solutions for how current workplaces may be adapted as teams begin to return to work. We’ve also gathered ideas for future workplaces to be designed and built.

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Scientists need a safe, sterile R+D space in which to collaborate without concern of contracting illness from their research or spreading illness to one another. Looking to previous laboratory design experience, we’ve looked at approaches for how R+D may adapt for the post-pandemic environment.

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Interior Design
Strategic Action

“A strong culture prompts several elements key for our future. These include understanding we’re all in this together, the value we provide to those around us, the benefit we get from those around us, and how our actions will contribute to solutions.”

Ross Cole, Principal at BAM Creative

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