Wiped Down Count Up Clocks

To provide real time indication of when an area was last cleaned.

Voice Activated Elevator Technology

Have Voice activated elevator. Allows users to voice their floor destination…

Attractive Sneeze Guards Separating Workstations

Provide portable sneezeguards per employee to be easily demounted and cleaned…

More Concealed Storage

Office supplies tend to accumulate on open surfaces, like tables and desktops.…

Touch Activation

Foot pedals on the floor for water at cafe sink (similar to in OR in hospitals)

Anti-Virus Door Handle

Utilize naturally antimicrobial hardware such as brass or copper.

Air Purification System

Stand-alone air-purifying units can be placed and shifted around rooms to…

Open Source 3D Print Door Handle

Adopting door handle/ knobs for handfree opening

Occupancy Indication Light Over Doors

Help people know the room's availability without knocking on the door

Wave Sensor Faucet in Pantry & Wave Sensor Trash Cans

Provide touchless faucets and waste disposals to allow users to maintain…