Touchless Handwashing

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers are options for all locations.

Sneeze Guards at Transaction Counters

Provide portable sneezeguards per employee to be easily demounted and cleaned…

UV Product

UVC light is known to help reduce infection potential of contaminated surfaces.

Communicating Cleanliness Protocol

Today, is it enough for a space to look clean?

PPE Providers Map

To address the concern of access to supplies that government can not directly…

In facilities PPE stock graphs

Resource availability has become a front-of-mind concern across the world.

Touchless Experience

Smart phone and "virtual assistant" voice activated technology is quickly…

Antiseptic Smell

Should the place smell antiseptic?

Use of material containing copper property

Certain surface materials are shown to be better at supporting infection…

Ozone disinfectant

Ozone is used in many industries for purifying air and drinking water.